Monday, September 17, 2012

A little bit of our summer!

Fall is just around the corner!  I LOVE fall!!  I have been opening the door early in the morning so I can smell fall in the air.  I Love it!  
 We've had a ton of fun this summer!  Swimming, camping, weekend trips, birthdays, and lots of playing outside!  The boys are getting big so fast and its so much fun watching them grow and learn new things everyday.  Dallin is turning into a kid, not so much a toddler anymore and Connor is a year old! Dallin has been going to preschool for several weeks.  He is doing great and is learning a lot!  Connor hasn't started walking yet but is SO close.  He wants to run and play so badly but just can't get his little chubby legs going.  They are so much fun and I love getting to see them grow everyday!  Here are a few pictures from the past few months!

He loved swimming lessons and looked forward to it everyday!  
My boys are water bugs just like their dad.
 Andrew turned 28 this year!
 Dallin loves to take pictures and for some reason every one has to be like the next few.

He is such a little goof ball!
First day of preschool!!
 Happy Birthday Connor boy!!! 1 year old!

 First hair cut and isn't it cute!!


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lynnissa said...

Dallin's pose is hilarious! Just think the laughs that will be made looking back on those pictures! :)